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Bail bonds Agoura Hills

The bail bonds process is often very difficult and frustrating for those who are helping a relative or have been arrested. If you or a relative has been arrested there are some important things to know about needing bail bonds Agoura Hills CA.

How do I bond someone out of jail?

There are different ways a person can bond out of jail and it really depends upon how large the crime and the danger risk are associated with the suspect involved. The process begins once a person has been booked into jail. It is then determined if there is a bail hearing needed in front of the judge. This depends basically on the size of the criminal charge.

If you are a relative or a friend of the person in jail you can usually call a bondsman shortly after they are booked into jail. Booking can take some time depending on what the person is charged with and it is determined whether they need to have a bail hearing. After they are processed into jail the person can then be bonded out of jail in most cases.

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 Type of Agoura Hills Bail bonds available when someone gets arrested:

Bonds come in a few different ways starting with the cash bond where it is a small offense and the person can pay their bond in court with cash and sometimes with a check or credit card. The judge may determine that a person is responsible enough to be released on their own recognizance. This is also another type of bond and it is called Being Released on Personal Recognizance. This means that the person will basically make a promise to be in court and will be there on the appointed date.

These types of bonds are usually given when it is a less serious crime and when the person is not considered a danger or a flight risk. For lesser offenses people can be bonded out right after they are processed in which is usually when all their information is taken and they are fingerprinted and booked into jail. The next type of bond is a Surety bond and this is where a bondsman is needed. A surety bond is where the person cannot pay their bond due to expenses or the amount of the bond.

A bail bondsman can be called after the person is processed in for this type of bond. A relative or friend can help by calling the bondsman for this type of bail bond in Agoura Hills Ca. A surety bond is where the bondsman will be responsible for the amount of the bond if the person does not show up for court. The bondsman has a type of insurance given by a surety company to help this process so that someone can be released from jail even if they cannot afford the bond.

Agoura Hills bail bonds are relatively easy and the bond charge for the person is usually ten percent of the bond amount. However there can be additional charges depending on certain circumstances. If you need a good bondsman quickly be sure to call Jacks Bail Bonds for immediate assistance for bail bonds in Agoura Hills CA.

If you have been arrested by Agoura Hills police department or are an inmate in a county jail, please contact Jack at 818-847-7616 and he will get you out. Please make sure that you have the inmate information such as his full name when you call.

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