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Bail Bonds Santa Clarita

Most people are perfectly acquainted with the word ‘bail’. The sources of this knowledge are usually Hollywood movies or the proceedings of a famous criminal case. We learn through the newspapers that a notorious criminal suspect is granted bail against a specific amount of money. This incomplete information has slightly hazed our perception of the bail bonds, what they are, and how they are used.

In the below article, you will get a very simple and easily comprehensible definition of the bail bonds and how they are used.

Before granting bail to a suspect, the court asks that he / she pays a certain amount of money into the court. This money is regarded as a guarantee that the suspect will attend the whole trial and turn up on all the dates. The judge assigns the date and time by which the suspect must pay that money into the court.

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The bond is a contract that is made between the court and the suspect. Often the suspect hires a bail bond company that pays the entire amount to the court on his / her behalf. The company keeps as guarantee a house, a piece of jewelry or anything that belongs to the suspect as a security. The market value of the item that has been kept as security by the bail bond equals in value to the amount paid into the court

In case the suspect does not appear in the court for a hearing, the court will confiscate the money. In return the bail bond company will confiscate the item or property which it has taken as guarantee.

There are certain things about bail bonds that should be kept in mind.

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The bail bond company also charges a fee for providing this service which is usually around 10 to 15 percent of the bail amount. These charges may differ in case federal courts are involved. After the suspect has signed a contract with the bail bond company, all the transactions relating to the bail amount will be carried out by the bondsman and the lawyer. He will be the person to submit the bail to the court.

Law experts recommend that the bailing process should be carried out by a bail bond company because they are experts in this area. They also enjoy good working relationship with the courts. Bail is an emergency issue that is why most bail bond companies are open 24 hours a day. They can get a suspect out any time of they day. They also provide services in civil cases.

The Santa Clarita Valley, like all other areas of the country, has a procedure through which bails are granted by the court. A reputable Santa Clarita bail bonds company knows this procedure and is able to secure swift release of the defendant.

When a person is arrested anywhere in Santa Clarita, he/she will be transferred to the Sheriff’s station for carrying out the necessary procedures. This procedure includes taking photographs and finger prints of the defendants and entering their relevant information into the jail system of the county.

There can be no bail during this process. However, a bail bonds company can initiate the paperwork so that release can be secured in a swift manner.Compare to other bail bonds in Santa Clarita CA such as Aladdin bail bonds, SCV, and adventure bail bonds, bail soutions bail bonds offers 24 hour service including immigration bail bonds or just jail bail bonds services for securing immediate release of defendants in Santa Clarita. A simple call will enable their representative to come to your assistance anytime of the day. He will complete all the necessary paperwork, post the bail bond with the Santa Clarita jail and secure the release.


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