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Bail Bonds Glendale

Bonding someone out of jail can be a very trying and confusing experience. The process is difficult especially for someone who has never bonded anyone out of jail. The process begins after someone is arrested they are processed. Processing is simple in some cases and in others a judge must determine the outcome in a bail hearing.

The Process of Bail Bonds in Glendale

The first part of processing is booking someone into jail and then it is determined by the police if the suspect must see a judge by the severity of the crime. This is also determined by frequency of crimes committed and if the person is a danger of flight risk or leaving before their court hearing date.

When a person is booked in to jail their mug shot and finger prints and information are all taken down into the police data base. After this process a person’s bail can be determined by the offense. If it is a smaller offense the person can usually post their bail immediately. If it is a larger offense the person will need to wait up to 48 hours to see a judge for a bail hearing.

 Bail bonds Glendale CA expert

There are different ways to bond out of jail starting with a cash bond and this is where the person can immediately pay their bond. Bonds are paid in cash and the courts often accept checks and credit cards in this process. A property bond is where a person can put up their property in court and if they do not show up for their court date, the court can then seize their property for the amount of the bond. There is also a bond called Release on Citation where the person can leave without actually being arrested but must appear in court after having been issued a citation.

A judge may decide to release a person on their own recognizance which is also another way to bond out of jail. This is basically done upon the person’s word they will be in court at the appointed date. This is given when it is determined by the judge that the person will not flee before their court date. Just keep in mind that Glendale California bail bonds offer great rates., particularly Jacks.

The next bond is called a Surety bond and this is when the person cannot afford their bail. The suspect can call a friend or relative who can then call for bail bonds in Glendale to help them bond out of jail. The bail bondsman is backed by a surety company and pledges to pay the full amount if the person does not show up on the appointed court date.

A Surety bond is when bail bonds in Glendale are needed and it is best to call a good bail bondsman to help when bonding someone out of jail. Most bail services will charge a ten percent fee but there are additional charges depending on the charges filed on the person.

Best choice bail bonds in Glendale CA

If you need bail bonds in Glendale be sure to call a good bondsman to help you through this difficulty. Be sure and call Bail Bonds solutions office if you need immediate assistance for county jail bonds, immigration bonds or any other kind of bonds in getting someone out of jail as quickly as possible. We are the leading bail bonds California experts. Just contact us and we will find out the address, city, state of the inmate and inform you what needs to be done to expedite the release process. There are several bail bonds choices in Glendale such as Ameri bail bonds, Sharky’s bail bonds-Glendale, Mad dog bail bonds Glendale ca, Armstrong bail bonds but the leading and best choice of Glendale bail bonds office is bail bonds solutions since it offers the lowest rate and process everything quickly.

Bail Bonds Glendale

Bail Bonds Glendale

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I didn’t bail my brother out of jail

brother_is_trouble October 31, 2010

My brother is a criminal and a heroin addict and stopped talking to me about 1.5 years ago. I’ve never told him where I live because I’m afraid of him and his people.

He was arrested for theft and criminal trespass Thursday and is now in jail awaiting court. I decided not to bail him out of jail. He is in withdrawal and begged and pleaded. He gave examples of how good and trustworthy he is which were appalling; he described one of his scams as though it was character support because he “didn’t hurt anyone”.

He also tried to convince me he really wanted to go to treatment but then the conversation devolved into getting “kick meds” and freedom. All he really wanted to do was have me go pick up his belongings from some person, drop him off at his homeless camp, and then lie to the bail bond people and say he was staying with me because apparently you can’t get bailed out if you don’t have an address.

I still feel like shit because he’s my brother. I don’t know if I did the right thing. What do you all think of this situation?

Wow, I appreciate all your thoughts, experiences, and support. I think I made the better decision. We’ll see, I will update if anything changes.

Mike Cline Jr. @MikeClineJr

March 4, 2015 – http://t.co/cteCQeWuij

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