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Bail bonds Ventura is your best solution

In some unfortunate circumstances, we may find ourselves on the wrong side of the law. In such situations, a trip to jail is inevitable. To avoid spending a night in a police cell, one has to pay a hefty amount in form of a bail. However, for most individuals, the availability of the large amount required is scarce. It is in such a situation that the services of a bail bond come in handy. Bail Bonds Ventura is a trustworthy bail bond company that offers efficient services to its clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


How do bail bonds Ventura work?

A bail bond is paid by a bail bond company as a guarantee that their client will appear in court for all his hearings pending a judgment.

Once an accused has been booked, the bail amount is set. To seek financial assistance, the accused gets in touch with a bail bond company. He explains his situation to the agent and in turn receives information on how to initiate the bail bond process. The accused is required to pay a premium to the court while the liabilities are transferred to the bail bond company. The premium is 10% of the total bail as set by the court or prison.

Once the bail bond is accepted, the accused is released on a temporary basis pending his hearing and the subsequent judgment. Although free, the accused person is required to be present during all his hearings. Failure to abide by this agreement would lead to the issuance of a warrant of arrest and the forfeit of the bail bond.

Bail bonds are effective for only one year in which additional time will require payment of the premium. Once the judgment is passed by the court, whether guilty or innocent, the premium is considered to be fully earned and is thus not refunded to the client.

Bail Bonds Van Nuys

Benefits of using bail bond services.

The rights of the accused are protected. Rights such as the right to freedom are exercised until stated otherwise by the court. The accused therefore avoids jail.

  •  It offers financial help to defendants who are unable of paying their bail fees. Thus, it helps the individuals to save money.
  •  Bail bonds benefit the state by transferring the risk to private firms and individuals.
  •  They reduce congestion in jail cells by allowing individuals with pending cases to be out of prison.
  •  Other than financial help, bail bond companies give advice to their clients on how they should go about with their case.

Are you in a dicey situation leading you to prison? Do you want to leave the prison as soon as possible? Is the bail amount too high for you to afford? Are you looking for a trustworthy company with a reputation like no other? Well, fear no more. Ventura bail bonds is here to solve your problem. There are a few bail bonds in Ventura CA such as Aladdin bail bonds, Biker bail bonds, but our bail bonds have been the leading one in Ventura county.  Get in touch with our offices for the most effective and efficient bail bond services. We are here for you: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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