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Bail Bonds Santa Monica

Being arrested can be a shocking and horrible thing and understanding the bail bonds process can help if have a loved one who has been arrested or you have been arrested. When someone has gone through the initial process of booking which is the official process into the jail they can be bonded out.

If you need a bail bondsman in Santa Monica be sure to get the right bail bondsman. Getting a good bail bondsman is the first step to helping the situation. There are several types of bonds that a person can receive and understanding these services might help in understanding the process of bail bonds.

Bail Bonds Santa Monica

Bail Bonds Santa Monica


What happens in the bail bond process?

When a person Is arrested and booked in the police will take their information and fingerprint them and log in their suspected crime into the police department data base. This also includes a mug shot and confiscation all incriminating property into evidence. After this is done, personal property is taken into inventory from the suspect for when they are eventually released in Santa Monica. The defendant or suspect is then checked for intoxication and given a phone call. After all of this process is complete, the person is then put into a holding cell to await release or transfer if the offense is serious.

How quickly can someone with a minor offense make bail?

If someone commits a minor offense they can usually bond out just about immediately after they are processed in. If the offense is a more serious crime it can be a long wait time or they may have conditions that are given upon release in Santa Monica. The bail amount will depend on the offense and how large it is, the larger the crime the more bail is required and the person will have to wait for the judge to determine bail at a bail hearing.

A judge will consider the crime and the record of the person at their hearing which will also determine the bail amount set by the judge. The process is set according to the crime and if they need to have a bail hearing set by the judge.This is an instance when a person will be in need of bail bonds in Santa Monica.

How many different ways can a person be bailed out of jail?

There are five different ways bail is determined and these are cash bail in which the person will pay the total amount of bail in cash. A surety bond is the second form of bail and this is when a relative will call for a bail bondsman and the bail bondsman is backed by a surety company and delivers a promissory note that the bond will be paid of the person does not appear at the scheduled court appearance.

Release on citation is the third way which is upon the site where the crime allegedly occurred and the person goes free promising to go to court in return. A release on personal recognizance is when the person does not have to pay bail because they have been deemed responsible and not a danger and this only includes minor offenses or non-violent crime. The last way is a property bond where a person can offer their property as insurance they will be in court on the appointed date and if not the court can take the property in their absence.

If you find yourself or a relative in need of Bail Bonds in Santa Monica contact us at Best solutions Bail Bonds for more information and we will help you sort through the process quickly. We are here to help you get through this difficult process with as much ease as possible, so call today in Santa Monica.

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