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Instant Solution for Bail Bonds Encino

When someone is apprehended on suspicion of a crime, that person will be taken by the law enforcement agents to a jail for booking. During this time, the person will have a mug shot taken, fingerprinted and asked for a statement. While they will be waiting for their day in court, the individual will be held in jail unless they are released on bail.

Bail is a financial agreement that the bail bonds Encino will pay on behalf of the criminal defendant. A bail bond agency that is working for the defendant is going to arrange with a court to have that person released from prison pending their trial in exchange for some money as collateral. This might be in the form of cash, bond or an asset. The court will then set the monetary value of the bail.

Bail Bonds Encino

The bail agency will be responsible for making sure that the defendant will arrive in court on the day of their trial. In the event they fail to turn up in court, the agency might choose to hire a county hunter to track down the individual. They also have a right to sue the defendant for the money that was given to the court for the bail bond. The agency might also get back their money by claiming assets that are owned by the defendant or their loved ones who had signed a contract to financially assist the defendant. A bond is a surety that the full amount of bail will be paid, but there are courts that will accept either the full amount of bond or a ten percent down payment for the release of the defendant.

When a bail bondsman who is working with the bail bonding agency places a fee for the release of the defendant on bail, they charge a fee of about ten percent for the amount of money that needs to be paid. This initial fee is nonrefundable even if the case is dismissed after bail has been posted.

The bail bondsman is going to take out some security against the assets of the defendant in order to cover the cost of the bail. If the defendant does not have sufficient asset, then the bondsman might choose to take out securities against the person they want to assist such as friends and relatives. When the security is taken out, the bondsman usually requires that ten percent cash payment is made in addition to the mortgage on a person’s home which will amount to the full bail bond owed.

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