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In the United States, a person is presumed innocent until a trial or a hearing process is held. In Los Angeles county, the bail bond system allows a person or a defendant to return home and continue working, until they are required to report to Court for their hearing. When a person is arrested for crimes like DUI, shoplifting, or minor assaults, a judge sets bail based on that person’s criminal history, their financial condition, and the seriousness of the crime that they have been accused of.

Bail bonding is a form of security, like money or property, that a person arrested, must post with a court. The bail payment not only frees the defendant, temporarily, but it also discourages the defendant from “skipping town,” or they will be jailed until their trial. If a bail system did not exist, a person could spend as few as 30 days while waiting for their court trial or they could spend well over 200 days of being incarcerated.

The bail bonds Los Angeles County posting process, is arranged between a bail agent and the person posting bail. The bail agent is guaranteeing the courts that the defendant will appear in court. For this promise, the defendant is charged a percentage of the bail amount set by the judge. Prior to the defendant’s release from jail, a family member or a friend of the defendant, will contact a bail bonding agency to arrange for the bail post.

The relative or friend who has agreed to bail their loved one out, will meet with the bail agent to guarantee and co-sign, that if the defendant does not appear in court, that they are responsible for the total amount of the bail. Also, during the meeting with a bail agent, co-signers must prove that they are employed and that they either own or rent a home in the same area and that they have lived there for a period of time.

The basic cost of bond bonds in Los Angeles County will vary and in most cases, when the trial is over and the defendant made their appearance, the bail money will be returned within about 90 days. However, when a bail bond has been posted, in most states, the money is non refundable. The suggested maximum bail amounts can range from $300 for minor misdemeanors and for higher felonies, around $100,000. Bail bond service amounts from a Los Angeles County bonding company is typically 10% to 20% of the total bail cost.

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