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Bail Bonds Reseda acts quickly

To get bail bonds, Reseda offers experienced help to avoid time in jail before your trial. Their purpose is to make sure you show up for your court date.

How it works:

If the police have arrested you, a judge will hold an arraignment hearing. This will determine whether you await trial in jail or are set free, with the agreement that you will show up on the date of your trial.

The judge makes a decision how much of a risk you are for taking flight. Her ruling is based on several factors:

• If you are charged with a crime of violence, your chances of for bail are significantly reduced.
• If you have a history of running away, it is unlikely you will get bail.
• if this is your first arrest, you have a good chance for a positive outcome.
• If you have family and regular employment, the judge will be more more likely to consider bail.


Bail bonds Reseda

Bail bonds Reseda

How a bail bond company operates?

Just securing the bail bond itself is a very strong incentive for showing up on time for your trial. If you don’t, you, you lose your money.

The judge sets a dollar amount for the bail. The court keeps the money until you actually show up on the date of your trial. When you show up, the court refunds this money to you.

The problem for many people is the high amount the court expects you to pay. Most people don’t have that much cash available. This is where a company that handles bail bonds steps in.

Bail bond companies are middlemen

Bail bondsmen act as middlemen between you and the court system. They put up the money decided on by the judge at your arraignment. To secure the money, you must put up collateral.

This can take the form of a home, car, other personal possessions or an investment. If you don’t show up for your trial, you forfeit this amount to the bail bond company. If you do show up, they charge a fee to cover their expenses, usually ten percent.

Many people rely on friends and family to provide the collateral. This provides an additional reason to show up. If you fail to appear in court, they lose their home or the other items they used to qualify for the bond.